Flowers, candy, jewelry….those items fill the wish lists of plenty during the days before Valentine’s. And, that’s fine for all the humans out there. But what about our kitties?

We say there isn’t much that can beat the sweet love our four-legged felines offer us every day. So just in time for Valentine’s, here’s our top adorable displays of Kitty Love that will bring a smile to your face and probably a little extra catnip treat for your special kitty on February 14th!

  1. Snuggle Buddy Kitties

    Kitty Love - snuggly kitties

    (source: imgur – yourconscience09)


  2. Love transcends species – horse & kitty friends

    Horse & Cat friends

    (source: imgur- natsdorf)


  3.  Basket Full of Kitten Love


    Kitten Love times 10 - basket full of kittens

    source: imgur – son0fgrim


  4. Raccoon Loves Kitty – Precious!

    Kitty Love

    (source: imgur – ryyc)


  5. Love You Mama Kitty!

    Mama & Baby Kitty Love

    (source: imgur –


  6. Heart Nose Kitty

    Kitten is all love from tip of nose to her kitty paws

    (source: imgur – AliciaConradi)


  7.  Puppy Kitty Love – Best of Friends After Hard Day of Play

    Kitty Puppy Love

    (source: imgur – JackScagnetti1)