Video Transcript:

(meows) (screams) (bouncy piano music) – Am I looking forward to tasting some chocolate? Of course! It’s chocolate. (bouncy piano music) (upbeat techno music) – Why is it wrapped like a present? (meows) (gasps) – Oh my God! (laughs) – It’s a kitten! – Oh my God, it’s kittens! Oh my God, it’s kittens! (squeals) – What? This is the best day of my life! – Oh, this isn’t chocolate! – Oh my God, hello! – This is so much better than chocolate.

– Oh my God, these are so precious! – Oh, you’re making noises! – Oh, he’s so small! – I care so little about chocolate right now. – They’re so fuzzy! – Where’s his tail? Oh, he does have one. I thought he didn’t have a tail. – You are mine and we are leaving. (bouncy piano music) – Cats are the best. (laughs) If you bite the mic, we can’t use this audio.

– Cats are great because you work for their attention, but they also will love you so unconditionally. – We hold dogs up as being man’s best friend. There are a lot of cats that can give you just as much love and that need homes. – You just gotta find a cat that’s catered to your personality. If you want a chill cat, they’re out there. If you want a little demon like this guy, they’re out there. – There’s so many cats in shelters that need homes, so if you can, you should foster them or adopt them. – Any time I open a box, I’m hoping that there are kittens in it and this time it was true. – I’ll take all of them, don’t worry.

I’ll have all the cats. (laughs) Ow! – I like to wrestle with my cats… with my hands, you know, not my full body. I’m not a maniac. (meows).

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